Architectural thesis issues

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Architectural thesis issues

This consists of existing custom built applications, otherwise called legacy systems, including existing CRM and ERP packaged applications, and older object-oriented system implementations, as well as business intelligence applications.

The composite layered architecture of an SOA can leverage existing systems and integrate them using service-oriented integration techniques.


This is the layer of enterprise components that are responsible for realizing functionality and maintaining the QoS of the exposed services. These special components are a managed, governed set of enterprise assets that are funded at the enterprise or the business unit level.

As enterprise-scale assets, they are responsible for ensuring conformance to SLAs through the application of architectural best practices.

This layer typically uses container-based technologies such as application servers to implement the components, workload management, high-availability, and load balancing. The services the business chooses to fund and expose reside in this layer.

They can be Architectural thesis issues or be statically bound and then invoked, or possibly, choreographed into a composite service. This service exposure layer also provides for the mechanism to take enterprise scale components, business unit specific components, and in some cases, project-specific components, and externalizes a subset of their interfaces in the form of service descriptions.

Thus, the enterprise components provide service realization at runtime using the functionality provided by their interfaces. The interfaces get exported out as service descriptions in this layer, where they are exposed for use. They can exist in isolation or as a composite service.

Business process composition or choreography layer. Compositions and choreographies of services exposed in Layer 3 are defined in this layer. Services are bundled into a flow through orchestration or choreography, and thus act together as a single application.

These applications support specific use cases and business processes. Access or presentation layer. Although this layer is usually out of scope for discussions around a SOA, it is gradually becoming more relevant.

I depict it here because there is an increasing convergence of standards, such as Web Services for Remote Portlets Version 2. You can think of it as a future layer that you need to take into account for future solutions.

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It is also important to note that SOA decouples the user interface from the components, and that you ultimately need to provide an end-to-end solution from an access channel to a service or composition of services.

This layer enables the integration of services through the introduction of a reliable set of capabilities, such as intelligent routing, protocol mediation, and other transformation mechanisms, often described as the ESB see Resources.

On the other hand, an ESB provides a location independent mechanism for integration. This layer provides the capabilities required to monitor, manage, and maintain QoS such as security, performance, and availability. This is a background process through sense-and-respond mechanisms and tools that monitor the health of SOA applications, including the all important standards implementations of WS-Management and other relevant protocols and standards that implement quality of service for a SOA.

How to approach service-oriented modeling and architecture This section describes how to combine a top-down, business-driven approach with a bottom-up approach, leveraging legacy investments. Service-oriented modeling approach provides modeling, analysis, design techniques, and activities to define the foundations of a SOA.Top 30 Interesting Thesis Topics In Architecture A thesis is the very last step in the completion of graduation.

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Architectural thesis issues

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