Freelance copywriting as a career

The word freelance comes from the Middle Ages, when there were basically two types of knights. There were the knights who worked exclusively for one king. The idea of freelancing is still with us, but kings have been replaced by businesses, while knights have been replaced by professionals of all kinds.

Freelance copywriting as a career

How to become a copywriter Do I need a degree? Education is never a bad thing, but while a degree is advantageous, it is not strictly necessary.

Relevant courses for copywriting include journalism and marketing. These will teach you some of the important skills such as conducting research and meeting deadlines. Most employers will be far more concerned with your experience and attitude than your education.

Do I need writing experience? We all have to start somewhere, and some form of writing experience is essential for securing any type of copywriting role.

freelance copywriting as a career

The first thing you should do is start a blog covering an area that is of interest to you, for example fashion or music. To get some more hands-on experience, local marketing or PR agencies will usually welcome the opportunity to take on apprentices.

Choose a product real or imaginary and invent a strapline and some compelling product copy. Portfolio To get any copywriting work you will need a portfolio of your best writing. Note that this should be copywriting experience specifically, not a news piece you did for your local paper, so this is where speculative writing can come in handy.

Web presence An absolute must for any copywriter is having your own website. This should be professional, specific to your copywriting work, and not linked to your personal web presence in any way.

LinkedIn and Facebook profiles are always professionally useful, and you can use any social media to link back to your website. Getting work Now for the hard part. The most obvious route to having a career in copywriting is to become a staff writer for an ad or marketing agency, or for an in-house corporate creative department.

The rest is down to circumstances and luck. However, the stars are not always aligned in our favour, and no matter how talented or well prepared we are, getting that first staff job can be nigh on impossible.

Successful freelance copywriters build a base of clients through hard work and determination. Start by looking for small local businesses in your area, price your services competitively, perhaps even offering a page or two for free.

Deliver your work on time and to a great standard. View every new acquaintance as a potential contact; you never know where you might find an opportunity. The internet is a major avenue for finding freelance work.

Market your own website to find leads and also take advantage of crowdsourcing sites such as Copify, which can help you to earn a steady income, and gain vital experience. Contact us Talk to our friendly team today to discuss your content requirements.

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And they make it look so easy. You just hook up with an agency, take gigs from job boards, sign up on “bid to. Let's start with the obvious: freelance writing is the classic work-from-home job.

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If you're not already toiling away in virtual ink, however, you might not realize how many different types of freelance writing jobs there are. From journalism to copywriting, blogging to social media, there are writing jobs for every temperament and type of experience.

“An essential read for freelance writers.” ―The Writer magazine Starting Your Career as a Freelance Writer, Third Edition, offers a step-by-step guide to launching a successful freelance beginners and experts, full time or part time, Moira Allen explains everything freelancer writers need to know, including how to set up a home office, develop and pitch marketable ideas.

“Mel McIntyre's course is a real eye-opener. Highly recommended to anyone that wants to break into the exciting and lucrative world of professional copywriting!”. There are many prospective writers who dream of a successful freelance copywriting career, but not aware of the dedication and commitment required to make it work.

freelance copywriting as a career

This article will look at 7 daily rituals involved with operating a freelance or advertising copywriting business and address some of. How to become a copywriter.

So you're thinking of becoming a copywriter? this can seem a daunting process. The most obvious route to having a career in copywriting is to become a staff writer for an ad or marketing agency, or for an in-house corporate creative department.

Successful freelance copywriters build a base of clients through.

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