Scope of the study of internet cafe

Doing a feasibility study prior to investing the time and money to open a restaurant can help an entrepreneur make a more informed decision about the venture's chances of success.

Scope of the study of internet cafe

Give discounted prices to your regular members and they will always come back to your Internet Cafe for your services. Attract new members with discounted pre-paid login accounts. Sell more pre-paid time for lower price Example: After client computer is once used, Internet Cafe software has the ability to close all previously opened programs or automatically restarts the client computer.

In this way it always keeps it fresh for your next customer Advice 3 Extra-charging for special and additional services Some people come to Internet Cafes to use external hardware offered there, since they are not well equipped at home or simply do not have these electronic privileges example: If you have an Internet Cafe in a place attractive for tourists or a holiday resort, it is fully recommended to allow transferring data from digital camera to cd or flash drive and charge additionally for these services.

Advice 4 Share PC game license on your computers to reduce expenses All companies, Internet Cafes, even home users are obliged by EULA end user license agreements to use only the licensed games or programs on their computers. This is not so big problem if you have small Internet Cafe with few client computers.

Here comes License Key Management option that helps saving your money on purchasing license. License Key management service checks the network if there is a license key that is not used and transfer it to the client computer.

In this way you can offer the same game to all your client computers in Internet Cafe only with few licensed copies. Advice 5 Allow multi-player games to increase your membership Multi-playing is really popular and fashionable these days.

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Multi-player games can be played over the internet or in local networks. Teenagers and younger children mostly have computers at home and have ability to play these games over the net. But, it is much more interesting to play multi-player games with the friends at the same location.

Allow multi-player games and customers will come to your cafe in groups. Advice 6 Make your own city network of Internet Cafes Internet Cafe software provides you the ability to network all Internet Cafes via the Internet and share member account database.

Advice 7 Sell various items to increase your profit Internet access and computer gaming are the basic services that can be sold in Internet cafes. Beside basic services add items common in coffee and small computer shops.

While surfing the web or playing games people would like to drink a coffee or have a juice. Customers will also appreciate full service like ordering drinks without leaving their seats. Have DVDs and flash drives in your sale, so your customer can save downloaded files in your Internet cafe.

It was opened in London on September 1st, The founder of the first Internet cafe, Eva Pascoe, was working on her PhD at the time when she got the idea to connect sipping coffee at one of coffee shops near the City University of London and web surfing.

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The overall design scope consisted of m1 linear meters of bookshelves and accompanying facilities: counters, internet areas, a read café, study areas and a multimedia department. business scope, Internet cafe can be classified into pure Internet cafe and multi-function Internet It is out of the scope of this study to analyse further issues such as the possible democratisating effect of the Internet, and the future fate of the one-party rule in China2.

A recent study on of the California Welcome Center in Oceanside suggests that the Center helps to bring in $21 million dollars annual in tourism sales to the city of Oceanside (Rowe, ).

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JavaNet Internet Cafe internet cafe business plan executive summary. JavaNet is a start-up business that will provide a unique forum for communication and entertainment through the medium of the Internet. The scope is the study of everything that pertains to a particularaspect.

The limitation on the other hand is any challenge orhindrance.

Scope of the study of internet cafe
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