Supply and demand computers essay

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Supply and demand computers essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Supply and Demand Computers Essay Sample Computers From early 19th century all peoples and companies have purchased computers. The very first computers were known as desktops and could not be carried around but have massive amounts of items for use: As years have gone by and technology advances rapidly, there now are portable computers laptopsthese portable units are smaller, compact, and do a lot of functions themselves.

However desktops are still the number one household item for the simple fact of having capabilities far greater than the portable ones. Laptops Laptops are the biggest sellers for the common person, and most households have at least one laptop and one desktop.

Laptops are not as advanced as the desktop, you can upgrade them but you cannot customize them for things like gaming, video transcribing and other such aspects. Laptops are huge sellers because of the fact that the laptop is small and portable and you can go anywhere and see half a dozen people on them.

The price is going to depend on the components and software in the machine. Where the desktop prices are similar you can actually build the way you want your computer in a desktop for a similar price to a decent laptop.

Supply and demand computers essay

The pricing of laptops mainly comes from the technology being shrunk into a portable machine and is sometimes not as advanced for things like gaming and video transcribing and such.

Students love the laptop because they can go anywhere, hook up to a Wi-Fi and do things on the internet, utilize word programs to do schoolwork and other such things. Factors for supply and demand The supply and demand really has no factors of changing when it comes to this. The supply of desktops and laptops as well is high and the demand is high.

I would say that one factor would be if cellular devices get as advanced as a computer which is starting to happenor tablets take over the demand.

People always need to have computers and the manufacturers have the supply built.

Concept of Supply and Demand

The only factor I have found was in that there is now tablets mini computers and gaming systems like Xbox have internet and movie capabilities for those family that do not have to have intense systems for computing they can utilize the Xbox but it will not be as fast.

Substitutes Two substitutes for a computer would be a Laptop for those that have always had desktops if not needed for gaming or something. Laptops are the more popular way to go. For those people that only use computers for internet usage and emails, there are the ever changing advancing cellular phones.

Cellular phones are now high tech in that they have internet and even gaming capabilities. You can buy a smartphone that is capable of not only playing movies but have email and internet, even playing some games. The technology is not advanced enough on cellular to overtake the industry of computers but it can be utilized with a computer.

There is not really a huge aspect of substituting on this particular item. Complements Complements f or either style of computers is vast as the mind can think. The biggest two items I would have to say would be for a mouse which laptops have in the keyboard that can sit on a table or wherever and make scrolling and moving things easier than the little touch style on the keyboard.

With desktops you need a mouse and the second item that is required with a desktop but is inside of a laptop would be speakers.When I was in college I took two intro economics courses: macroeconomics and microeconomics.

Macro was full of theories like "low unemployment causes inflation" that never quite stood up to reality. But the micro stuff was both cool and useful. It was full of interesting concepts about the relationships between supply and demand that really. Supply and Demand for computers, software and typewriters in the s Supply and Demand for computers, software and typewriters in the s The demand for computers in the s D1 D2 Supply curve Demand $2 $1 Q1 Q2 Quantity Supplied In the .

It is clear that, with the result of demand and supply of the personal computers the price tag on computers has gone down. It implies that both resource and demand curve shifted directly into right.

That is a positive move in both demand and offer curve. If the demand and supply curve for computers are: D = - 6P, S = 28 + 3P Where P is the price of computers, what is the quantity of computers bought and sold at equilibrium.

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Published: Mon, 5 Dec In the present study we show how the demand and supply of the computer market in whole world, there are lots of suppliers and lots of customers of personal computers but prices of personal computers are going down. How to control demand side Inflation?

Why control deflation? How to measure money supply? Quantitative Tools of Monetary Policy; New Quantitative tools.

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